PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Shrink Tube


Color: 420mm
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1kg PVC heat shrink tubing Shrink tube a variety of specifications 18650 battery shrink sleeve Insulation casing Heat shrink

Features and specifications:
Product physical mechanical properties:
• Appearance: Smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no traces of oil, impurities, folding
• Proportion: 1.36
• Heat shrinkage: Tested at 100°C, horizontal shrinkage of 48 ± 3%, vertical 12 ± 3% can be close to the product
• Shrinkable heat shrinkable machine can also be used hair dryer, water shrinkage
• Flexibility: After the package shrinks, it will not crack on cement surface three times in different directions from vertical and horizontal from 1 meter height.
• Color: After the package shrinks, it will be stored in the environment of 30°C without color change such as discoloration and discoloration.
• Tensile: Less than 2%.
• Water absorption: ≤ 0.5%
• Natural Shrinkage: ≤0.5% at 30°C
• Resistivity: ≥1 × 1015Ω / cm3 (relative humidity ≤65% at room temperature).
• Electrical performance
• Single-layer thickness breakdown voltage breakdown time
• 0.07 ~ 0.09 ≥ 6KV • & decDC10
• 0.10 ~ 0.14≥8KV • & decDC10
• 0.15 ~ 0.20≥10KV • & decDC10

Model Number: Battery Shrink Sleeve
Type: Heat Shrinkable
is_customized: Yes
Material: PVC

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