3.8/7.6m WP9 WP17 Series TIG Welding Torch Gas-Electric Integrated Red Soft Hose Cable Wires M16*1.5mm Connector


Size: 3.8m-12.5ft
Color: M16 Gas-Electric
Sale price$47.00



Welding Type: Tig Torch

Welding Capacity: 150A

Type3: SR17 SR17F SR17V SR17FV

Type2: WP17 WP17F WP17V WP17FV

Type1: SR9 SR9F SR9V SR9FV

Type0: WP9 WP9F WP9V WP9FV

Torch Head Connector: 3/8"-24RH

Origin: Mainland China

Net length of wire: 3.8m/12.5ft, 7.6m/25ft

Model Number: TIG WP9 WP17

Is Smart Device: NO

Gas-Electric Integrated Connector: M16*1.5mm

Brand Name: HA&VS

Applicable TIG Type: WP-9, WP-17 Series Gas-cooled Argon Arc Welding
Copper Wire Gauge: Approx AWG #7 /(0.141") /10mm²
Torch Head Connector: 3/8"-24RH
Net length of wire: 3.8/12.5ft, 7.6m/25ft
Gas-Electric Integrated Connector: M16*1.5mm
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