Welding Torch Kit Accessories Glass Cup Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle


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WP 17/18/26 Welding Torch Kit, Welding Torch Accessories Glass Cup Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle for Argon Arc Welding(2.4MM)


【Quality Material】Copper collet body, transparent glass cup, alumina nozzle, resistance to burning, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strong stability.

【Features】Tig welding torch kit is used to a variety of locations of the pipeline tig welding arc welding and arc welding, can be satisfied with the welding joints.

【Conductivity】Welding torch accessories electric conductivity is most closed to 2% thoriated tungsten electrode at either ac or dc, and no need any welding program changes.

【Easy to Install】Welding torch kit can be welded carbon steel and some low alloy steel. Easy to install, stable performance.

【Application】WP Torch kit with excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance, can be used for WP-17 WP-18 WP-26 TIG Welding Torch.

Item Type: WP Torch Kit
Suitable for Welding: Argon arc welding
Use range: WP-17/18/26
Suitable for Tungsten Needle: 1.6mm (1/16in), 2.4mm (3/32in), 3.2mm (1/8in) (Optional)

Packing list:

1 x White Silicone Ring
2 x Rubber Washer
1 x Glass Cup
1 x Collet
1 x Collet Body

Type: Welding Torch
Welding Type: Tig Torch

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