Welding Fillet Gage 8 piece set 2~1/8- 3'' / 54mm to 76.2mm inspection Gauge Measure tool


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Welding Gauge Weld Fillet 8 piece set inspection tool 



8-Piece Fillet Weld Gage Set, 2 1/8" to 3" in 1/8" increments ,54mm to 76.2mm,in 3.2mm increments,Check Fillet Leg & Throat Size.



◆ WS high quality Inspection Gauge.

◆ Made of stainless steel

◆ Exact Numbers are etched on the surface by laser engraving,easy to read and will not rub off

◆ Every piece of the fillet gauge can be disassembled and used separately



◆ Material:stainless steel

◆ Weight: 260g

◆ Size(Metric) :L x W=150mm x 90mm

◆ Size(inch) : L x W=5.90'' x 3.54''

◆ Thickness of each piece: 1mm / 0.039''

◆ Transition: 1cm≈10mm≈0.39inch 

◆ Measuring range:

- 2 1/8''(54mm) 

  2 1/4''(57.1mm) 

  2 3/8''(60.3mm) 

  2 1/2''(63.5mm) 

  2 5/8''(66.7mm)  

  2 3/4''(69.8mm) 

  2 7/8''(73mm) 


- inch: 2 1/8" to 3" in 1/8" increments

- Metric: 54mm to 76.2mm,in 3.2mm increments


Package Included:

◆ 1pc x 8pcs Fillet Gage  WSG-01039


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