Valve Integrated Solder 14AK MIG Welding Torch MIG Torch MAG Welding Gun


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Air-Cooled MB 14AK MIG Welding Torch.

It is a special version 15AK torch, it is with gas valve integrated in the torch body, so it is named 14AK.

It is the most popular solution for DIY MIG application. The ergonomic design for welding works with a comfortable fully insulated Nylon handle, fits comfortably in the palm and helps to decrease operator fatigue.

The rated duty cycle is: 40%, 180A CO2, or 150A Mixed Gases. Can also be used up to 220A.

The Feeding wire capacity is 0.6mm-1.2mm. The default contact tip is 0.8mm.

Consumables: It is compatible with 15AK tips and nozzles. The tip holder is specialized.

 Packing list:

1X Full torch 3M,The default contact tip is 0.8mm.

Attention: this version is without quick connecter (i.e. Europe or USA connecter), so you need to connect it directly to the machine output terminal.

Type: Welding Torch
Welding Type: Mig Torch

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