Taper welding Gage 15-30mm (5/8-3/16) gap slot width, hole size metric and inch reading


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Item Name:
Taper welding Gage 5/8''- 1''3/16 & 15-30mm Gap & Hole Diameter Metric & Inch Stainless Steel
List Included:
1 piece x Taper Welding Gauge      WSG-01043
Bullet Point:
√ Taper welding gauge for measuring of hole width / diameter
√ The tool surface has measurement sketches which is convenient for you to better understand the use method
√ Mini size,can be put in shirt pocket
√ Gauge is made of stainless steel to ensure durability, effectively extending the service life
√ Packed in plastic box in order to storage and transportation
Instruction for use:
Hole width/diameter: 15-30mm & 5/8"-1"3/16
More Details:
WS SKU: WSG-01043
Brand: WeldingStop
Item Package Quantity: 1 piece
Maintenance Method:
1.Welding inspection ruler shall not be piled together with other metal tools,in case it is distorted.Friction between metal parts may cause malfunction and blur scales.
2.Do not wipe scale area with amyl acetate etc. 



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