SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Temperature Heater Fan Motor Speed Controller


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Catious: The device can only be adjusted with at least 20W wattage! 


Input voltage: AC 0-220V

Output voltage: AC 10-220V

Maximum power: 10000W

Voltage regulation: AC 0-220V

Rated current: 25A

Maximum current: 45A

The Output socket max 13A,larger current pls connect the High Power Connection Terminal Power off memory function:Automatically save the value, automatically start the last set value after power on When you test it ,must connect to load !

Precautions and instructions:

1. When the load is idling, the output voltage is the same as the input voltage. It must be connected to a load of 10W or more to measure the output voltage.

2. Input AC power, the output is also AC, not DC.

3. The above mentioned 10000W refers to the power when working under resistive load, and the inductive load is 1/3 of the resistive load. The resistive load refers to the electric lamp, the heating wire, etc. The inductive load refers to the series excitation motor, etc. There are electronic smart products that are used with caution.

4. Metal enclosure electrical appliances, please safety grounding

Model Number: 10000w
Phase: Single Phase
Current Type: AC
Usage: SVC
is_customized: No
Phase: Single Phase
Current Type: AC
Model Number: 10000W
is_customized: Yes
Usage: Voltage Regulator
Input Voltage: AC 0-220V
Output Voltage: AC 10-220V
Adjustable Voltage Range: AC 0-220V

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