QShave Men Adjustable Safety Razor + 5 Blades + Engrave Name for gift


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About the product:

Razor + 5 blades + engrave name, come with nice gift box.

This adjustable razor gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want it aggressive.

If you want a relax shave, use it at a low setting.

If you want take off three-day-stubble with ease, use it at medium or high setting.

German Design Adjustable Handle to set blade exposure levels from 1 to 6.

Closed comb, double edged razor, the snap top helps maintain blade setting preference during blade change.

Non-stage adjustable, BEST safety razor for a close and comfort shaving.

Handle measures 3.5 in. Razor total dimensions are 2" L x 1" W x4.25" H. Razor weights 3.2 oz / 90g.

5 pcs Titanium coated blades included Made in USA.


When you are adjusting the aggressiveness, please do so with dry hands. Always hold it on the sides of the head away from the sharp edges.

Brand Name: QSHAVE
Gender: Male
Material: USA Stainless Steel Blade
Item Type: Razor
Size: 10.8cm x5cm x 1.3cm
Use: Face
Use: Body
Use: Underarm
Model Number: RD9281
is_customized: Yes

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