Plastic Chicken Beaks Clasps Rooster Hen Nose Rings


Color: Green with black
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Name: Chicken beaks clasps
Material: Plastic 
​Color: Random
Size: 6 size can choose
Product Description 
Chicken beaks snap ring, instead of chicken goggles, patented product.
Wear without penetrating nose, do not worry bloodshed, chicken without injury  
Handmade wear, simple and quick. 
Completely not linked network, not linked foreign body, not out in the nylon line.  
You can re-use and low cost. 
The new anti-peck philosophy, anti-peck effect completely. 

Farm Animals Type: Chicken
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 03173,03174,03175,03176,03177,03183
Type: Farm Animals
Name: Chicken beaks clasps
Specifications: 6 size can choose
Application: Chickens ducks geese etc.
Used for: Chicken Supplies,farm equipment,Chicken coop
Colors: Random

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