Pipe pit welding gauge gage Test Ulnar Weld Pipeline Concave Inspection ruler measuring tools


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Pipe pit welding gauge gage Test Ulnar Weld Pipeline Concave Inspection ruler



Made of stainless steel material, durable and precisely, with dimensional reading of laser engraving,It can be used to great advantage by pipeliners, plumbers, fabricators required to measure the thickness of pipe or plate.



◆ WS high quality welding gauge.

◆ Arm can be locked in place at any dimension.

◆ Gauge fits in shirt pocket and comes with pocket protector.

◆ Has handy formulas on front and decimal equivilents on back.

◆ The indicator arm has a stylus which fits into the pits of pipe being measured.

◆ The scale on the right of the guide is shown as an arc and expressed in both sixteenths of an inch and millimeters.



◆ Material: stainless steel

◆ Scales Engraving Type: Laser Engraving

◆ Weight: 150g

◆ Size in Inch: L x W : 5.24'' x 2.64'' 

◆ Size in Metric: L x W  : 133 x 67mm 

◆ Thickness: 1.8mm / 0.07''

◆ Transition: 1cm=10mm=0.39inch 

◆ Measuring range: 

- Scope: 0 - 500mils (0 - 1/2 inch)

- Graduation: 10mils and 1/16 inch


Package Included:

◆ 1pc x Pipe pit welding gauge WSG-01017

◆ 1pc PU Bag



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