Irrigation Sprinkler 1/8" Arrow Dropper Micro Drip Flow Watering System


Color: Blue Bend 50PCS
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This paragraph falls arrow maze, long flow path, arrow handle structure.
 Effective pressure, accurate and uniform dripping.
 Infiltration irrigation, water injection along the plunger rod to avoid soil erosion or matrix erosion.
 Used in conjunction with the pressure compensation dripper to stabilize the flow. To increase pressure compensation and prevent leakage.
 Support a variety of combinations to meet the various needs of your construction.
 3mm plastic drop arrows are suitable for irrigation of flowers, plants, lawns, agriculture, villas, industrial irrigation!
 Generally vertical into the soil, the depth is unlimited, not blocked. Drip can also be suspended.
Pressure: 1.0-2.5 kg
Flow Rate: 1-3L / H
Connection Size: 3mm

Origin: CN(Origin)
Sprinkler Type: SPIKE
Type: Sprinklers

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