HD 4 Inch Marine Boat RV Black Round Deck Inspection Cover Access Hatch Covers ABS Plastic Anti-corrosive Inspection Deck Plate


Color: White 4 Inch
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Marine Boat RV 4/6/8 inch Access Hatch Cover Twist Screw Out Deck Plate ABS Round Inspection Hatch For boat Black/White boat hatch Russia Warehouse


*Item Name:Hatch Cover

*Color: White/Transparent/Black

*Size: 4inch/6inch/8inch

*Item included: 1 x Inspection Hatch Cover

*Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

*Feature:Anti-corrosive Inspection Access Deck Plate

*Compatible With: For Boat Yacht Marine Access Hatch Cover


[1].Reinforced design with a non-slip surface
[2].Separate cover plate and chassis, easy to install
[3].Pre-drilled countersunk holes (screws not included)
[4].Made of ABS material, anti-aging, anti-corrosive, ultraviolet resistant
[5] These inspection hatches are constructed from ABS plastic for extra resistance to the sun, water, salt.
[6] Ideal for access to the various storage areas on board and for inspection of fuel lines, electrical cables, gauges and controls as well as access to the engine.
[7] Designed with a non-skid surface allowing horizontal as well as vertical mounting.
[8] Its opening is easy, as you only need to turn the cover 90 degrees anticlockwise, and it is ejected automatically thanks to its specially designed thread.
[9] The tight rubber O-ring creates a watertight seal that prevents water leakage.

Package Included(as picture):

1 x Deck Hatch Cover


Black /White color



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