Deemount Bicycle Tubeless Tire Presta Valve Brass Core Optional Brass Alloy Stem


Color: 40mm Alloy Orange B
Ships From: China
Sale price$25.00


This listing covers the wide height range from 40mm to 120mm. For your order choice, kindly please be noted the stem is of brass or aluminum alloy material. Please read the tick box when you place order for your desired type. The valve core of all models is made of mainly brass material. The kit includes 2PCS valve (with alloy cap) and a small tool.
Features & Specifications:
- Dependable body, removable core;
- Allows for easy addition of tubeless sealant;
- Brass core, optional brass or alloy stem;
- Wide height range and various colors for specific preference;
- Rubber base suits most mountain bike and road rim profiles;
- Comes with threaded black alloy nut cap and tool
- Material: Brass core, Alloy Cap, Optional Brass or Alloy Stem
- Color: per order option
- Valve type: Presta
- Height: 40/60/80/100/120mm Optional Per Order
- Size: Please refer to the graphics detailed belowOrigin:
Model Number: VLV-013
Valve: Presta
Core: Mainly Brass
Stem: Optional Brass or Alloy

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