Clean ball + bracket Welding Soldering Solder Iron Tip Cleaner holder


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[name] iron head cleaner

[Specification] length 82mm* high 30mm
[materials] high quality stainless steel
[weight] 90 grams
Product features:
1. when the traditional sponge is cleaned, the iron head is cooled down, and the CMT-1025 is not cooled when cleaning. This product is suitable for RoHs standards in Europe and america.
2. no need to add water, avoid iron head cooling, not the outbreak of solder ball, improve welding efficiency.
3. effectively prevent the oxidation of the iron head and increase the service life of the iron head.
4. ball top design, tin slag will not splash on the work table, keep the working environment clean.
When the 5. iron head is inserted into the metal, multi-point contact can be achieved, so that the cleaning is more clean, convenient and quick, and the work efficiency can be effectively improved.
Usage method:
1. insert the iron head into the metal wire in the cleaner to remove the residual soldering iron.
2. do not clean the wire mouth as a sponge, brush with Esau iron head, because the wire like spring, may be spilled on the soldering iron head melt residual solder, please be careful.
3. replacing wire clean mouth inside, please wear gloves, be careful not to be broken down on the solder, please open the box.

Brand Name: ZIYANGOL
Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: NONE
Model Number: -
Dimensions: -
Temperature Stability: -
Input Voltagle: -
Output Power: -
Output Temperature: -

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