Bridage CAM gauge MG-8 welding Gage Weld seam pit test ulnar measuring tool


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Item Name:
Bridge Cam Gauge Welding Fillet Throat Gage Bevel Angle Inch/mm Stainless Steel
More Details:
● Product Name: Bridge CAM Gauge
● Material: Stainless Steel
● Engraving Type: Laser Engraving
● Measurement Standard: Standard & Metric Reading
Measure Method and Range:
1.Seam Reinforcement:0-25 mm
2.Fillet Leg Length:0-25 mm
3.Fillet Throat Size:0-20mm
4.Undercut / Pit Depth:0-2mm
5.Outside Misalignment:0-25mm
6.Bevel Angle:0-60°
1.Seam Reinforcement: 0-1''
2.Fillet Leg Length: 0-1''
3.Fillet Throat Size: 0-3/4''
4.Undercut / Pit Depth: 0-1/8''
5.Outside Misalignment: 0-1''
6.Bevel Angle:0-60°
More Features:
✔Measure Weld Reinforcement
✔Measure Fillet Weld Leg Length
✔Measure Fittel Weld Throat Dimension
✔Measure Undercuts or Pits
✔Measure Angle of Preparation
✔Measure Outside Misalignment
List Included:
1 Piece x Bridge Welding Gauge WSG-01006

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