AZDENT Advanced 1 Set Dental Gutta Percha Tooth Gum Cutter


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Disclaimer: This item may be intended for use by professional health care providers only. 

1. Design ingenious , Shape beautiful , Conform to the human body engineering
2. Wireless mode , Operation ,flexible, convenient
3. Rapid heating , highest temperature of 260º C
4. High-capacity can be charged Nickel cadmium battery, charging time 3 hours
5. Fever needle can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure , repeated use.

Technical Paraments:
1. Charger voltage: AC240V 50/60HZ
2. Battery: 1.2V 2400mAh
3. Weight: about 305g


1.First,charge the instrument by connecting the charging station to a mains power socket
2. Plug the handipece into the socket in the charging station . While the instrument is charging,the LED lights up on the handpiece.


Fit a cutting tip onto the handpiece.Make sure that the angle of the tip is pointing in the opposite direction to the operating button,This makes work easier.


Never bend the tip while it is still in the handpiece.
1.Insert the cutting tip into the cavity while it is cold (without pressing the operating button).The gutta-percha point to be cut off must be encircled by the loop of the cutting tip.
2. As soon as the cutting tip is located directly on the canal access,press the operating button.

3.The tip heats up in seconds and the gutta-percha point can be quickly and cleanly removed.

4.After the point has been cut off ,release the operating button. The cutting tip immediately cools down and can be removed from the patient's mouth .The operating button is a “contact button” which only switches the button is released,the instrument switches off.
5.Remove the cutting tip from the handpiece after use.


Please don't continue to press the button more than 30 seconds.

Brand Name: AZDENT
Origin: CN(Origin)
Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Size: 1 Set with 4 Tips
Model Number: 1250100200

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