500pcs 21700 PVC battery heat shrinkable sleeve


Color: Pink
Sale price$34.93


Product Name: PVC heat shrinkable tube 21700 PVC heat shrinkable sleeve Battery skin
Product specifications: length 78MM * flattened width (folding diameter) 21mm,
Wall thickness 0.08mm
Shrinkage temperature: 80 ° C;
Temperature range: -40 ° C ~ 105 ° C;
Temperature resistance level: 105 ° C;
Shrinkage: ≥48±5%;
Rated voltage: 300V;

Product features: Excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage, etc.

Shrinking method: open the sleeve opening, then put the battery into the sleeve, each part of the head is left 3MM, then use the household hair dryer to open the hot air to evenly shrink, and the crease can open the hot air for a longer time. 

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