3.8m(12.5ft)/7.6m(25ft)Power Cable Red Gas Hose TIG Welding Torch Package WP17 Series 13/8"-24R.H 150A


Ships From: CN
Welding Diameter: 3I8-24RH WP-17
Length: 3.8m 12.5ft
Sale price$122.93



Welding Type: Tig Torch

Welding Capacity: 150A DC 120A AC

Type1: SR17 SR17F SR17V SR17FV

Type0: WP17 WP17F WP17V WP17FV

Type: Welding Torch

Torch Head Connector: 3/8"-24RH

Origin: Mainland China

Net length of wire: 3.8m/12.5ft, 7.6m/25ft

Model Number: WP-17 Series

Model Number: Welding Torch

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HA&VS

100% Brand New and High Quality.
Shape & Color: Same as the picture show

Product Description:

Copper Wire Gauge: Approx AWG #7 /(0.141") /10mm²
Torch Head Connector: 3/8"-24RH
Torch Head Type:WP-17,WP-17V: WP-17F(Flex), WP-17FV(Flex Valve)
Net length of wire: 3.8/12.5FT, 7.6m/25FT
Premium quality 150Amp air-cooled Weldcraft style WP17 Series TIG torch with 12.5FT/25FT Rubber Red power cable (1-Piece style).
With cable cover and accessory kit.
Spare Part:
13N10(D9.5 x 3/8" size 6#*29mm)*1
13N11(D11.0 x 7/16" size 7#*29mm)*1
13N12(D12.5 x 1/2" size 8#*29mm)*1
10N24S(3/32" & 2.4mm)*2
17CB20(3/32" & 2.4mm)*1
17GL332(3/32" & 2.4mm)*1
57Y02(Long Back caps)*1
57Y04(Short Back caps)*1
WP17/WP17V/WP17F/WP17FV(Torch Handle Type(with cup gasket))*1
Size 10#(Glass Cups)*1
O-rings(Temperature Resistant O-rings)*2
18CGG(Tig Insulator)*1
Rear power/gas fitting is Weldcraft style 105Z57 and Fit Dinse Gas Thru Adapter。(Not included Adapter).
Use standard Weldcraft style TIG consumables and parts.
Ideal replacement TIG welding torch for many brands welders like Lincoln Miller ESAB Eastwood AHP Everlast Weldcraft etc. Appropriate connection adapter needed.
(Please refer to Figure #3~#6 for the relevant dimensions and connection accessories , and please refer to the above figure for the list of compatible welders.)
Fabrication, Maintenance and repair, Aerospace, Food and beverage industry, Metal art,Petro/chemical, Shipboard installation/repair
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Note: The measurement data has an error of 1% to 5% due to nature and measurement tools.

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