1pcs 18650 Battery Fixture Welding Fixed Triangle Square Fixture


Voltage: 4 holes
Sale price$27.00


18650 Battery Fixture Welding Fixed Triangle Square Pentagon Fixture For 18650 lithium battery Pack Spot Welding Fixture

The product belongs to special welding fixtures for 18650 and other power battery packs. It is simple and convenient to operate. The materials are all made of high-density insulated red bakelite. The fixture is durable and not deformed. It is a mobile power source and the manufacturer of the power battery pack must Indispensable tool.

Brand Name: ZIYANGOL
Dimensions: Spot Welders Fixture
Max. Welding Thickness: Spot Welders Fixture
Rated Duty Cycle: Spot Welders Fixture
Usage: Spot Welders Fixture
Model Number: Spot Welders Fixture
Rated Capacity: Spot Welders Fixture
Weight: Spot Welders Fixture

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