15AK 24KD 36KD Professional MIG MAG MB Torch


Ships From: China
Welding Diameter: 15AK (180A)
Sale price$39.00


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15AK 24KD 36KD Professional MIG MAG MB Welding Torch Air Cooled Contact Tip Swan Neck Holder Gas Nozzle European Type

Brand Name: jinhu
Type: Welding Torch
Model Number: 15AK 24KD 36KD
Welding Type: Mig Torch
Welding Capacity: 150A
Fitting for: MB 15AK MB 24KD MB 36KD
Duty cycle: 60%
Current rating (CO2): 15AK(180A) 24KD(250A) 36KD(340A)
Current rating (Mixed gas): 15AK(150A) 24KD(220A) 36KD(300A)
Machine Type: MIG MAG

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