10 pcs 54N14 Ceramic Nozzle 1/2'' 13mm Alumina Shield TIG


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54N14 Ceramic Nozzle 1/2'' 13mm Alumina Shield TIG Welding SR/WP-17 WP-18 WP26 Torch Case of 10

Describe :

Model number: 54N14 #8
Bore diameter: 1/2" 13mm
TIG welding torch: WP-17 WP-18 and WP-26 series torches
Material: Alumina
Others: Very good electrical insulating properties
Exceptionally high impact resistance
Heat resistance and low thermal conductivity
Work adequately for lower amperage applications
Resistant to cracking
Easy to install
Long service time and durability


Packing list :

10pcs 8# 54N14 nozzle

Type: Welding Torch
Welding Type: Tig Torch

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