1 Pcs Queen Bee Marking Marker Pen


Color: Yellow
Sale price$9.90


Name: Bee Queen Marker Pen
Material: Pen Body--Plastic+Pen Tip--Wood
Pen length: 13.5 cm
Color: Yellow, red, purple, green, blue, orange, white, pink
Packing: 1 Pcs
This marker pen is perfect for bee keepers to marker the queen,so easy to identify queen quickly. We have 8 colors for choose,choose the color you like for your queen.
1. This marker pen is water based, easy to wipe off
2. Perfect for marking your new queen for easy detection
3. Strong coverage and rich color
4. It is easy to use,but you will nedd to catch your queen and hold her still
5. Durable and long life

Brand Name: Adhere To Fly
Model Number: Bee Queen Marker Pen
Name: Bee Queen Marker Pen
Material: Pen Body--Plastic;Pen Tip--Wood
Applicable object: Beekeeping

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