1 Pcs Nicot Queen Bee Rearing System For Beekeeping Plastic Nicot Cage Tools


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Name: queen rearing system



Size: 14.7*13*2.9cm

packing: 1 pcs

Best quality and competitive price queen bee rearing tools portbale and convenience beekeeping tools 

queen rearing system are used to rear bee queen.

It is necessary to use the queen rearing system for beekeepers. 


the system is very simple and can produce prolific reliable results. the system works by stimulating the placement below the queen excluder his queen cupkit box. queen will lay eggs in the cups (always) this will not take more than a day before it can release again.

new eggs are given some royal jelly during development, and placed in the cell blocks and cages Curler (all inclusive)

developed countries virgin queen cells can then introduce your new colony.

Brand Name: Adhere To Fly
Material: Plastic
Type: Insects
Name: queen rearing system
Usage: For queen rearing

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