1 pc TIG Torch Connector Thread 5/8 "-18 Male Cable and Gas Separater


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Thread 5/8 "-18 Male Cable and Gas Separate Cable Connector for WP26

Technical data:

Connection 1: 5/8”-18. It fits most of the TIG torches—,WP26, WP26V, WP26F.

Connection 2: 6mm OD.

Connection 3: 8mm ID.

Material: Copper & Brass.

Dimension: 60mm (2.36”) Long.

Voltage class:  L.

Inert gas: Argon.

Duty cycle 35% 180DC.

Duty cycle 35% 150AC.

Electrodes Φ: 0.5-4.0mm.

Cooling: Air Cooling.


Packing list:

1pcs Gas Separator;

Type: Welding Torch
Welding Type: Tig Torch

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