0.5kg 99.96% Pure Nickel Strap Strip Sheets For Battery Spot Welder


Ships From: China
Diameter: 0.1x7mm
Sale price$133.78


Nickel Sheets could be custom made according to your requiement, don't hesitate to contact me. Visit our store to find more styles of nickel plated sheet

Features in good welding performance, high tensile tension, low resistivity
Mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, high magnification power tools batteries, laptop batteries, battery combination with HM

Nickel content: >/=99.96%, please choose your size option.
How to distinguish between pure nickel strips and electroplated nickel steel strips?
Firstly, pure nickel strips are very soft, so it is impossible to bend a smooth small circle. In contrast, steel strips are very smooth and have a certain elasticity, so they are easy to wrinkle and deform, while pure nickel sheets are easy to shape and can be flattened with a nail. Of course, pure nickel sheets are easy to tin, and can also be soldered if conditions permit. They are also resistant to rust in general storage and use.
Secondly, the chemical symbol of nickel is Ni, and its atomic number is 28. It is a magnetic transition metal. Therefore, it still has some magnetic attraction when attracted by a magnet, but it is about half as much as that of electroplated nickel steel strips.
Thirdly, due to the low internal resistance, if it is spot welded, the current needs to be increased by one to two times compared to ordinary electroplated nickel steel strips. Spot welding machines with a power of three to four hundred are generally insufficient. Therefore , this is also one of the ways to identify pure nickel.

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